Growing and Learning Together

Through our school aims we strive to develop a trusting and caring environment, based upon mutual respect and understanding where all people are treated fairly.  The school ethos is based on these aims and around the qualities of care, courtesy, consideration and common sense.

We aim to enable children to develop reasoned self-discipline and socially acceptable behaviour, demonstrating good manners, respect and helpfulness towards each other and all adults.

We aim to allow all the school to reach a high level of self-esteem where the children are happy, feel good and enjoy each other’s company
We aim to maintain high standards of tidiness and orderliness around the school encouraging children to take pride in their school and the wider community.

Our School 

Stoberry Park School is a large primary school nestled at the foot of the Mendips in the beautiful city of Wells. We have 315 pupils on roll who are split into 11 mixed age classes. Our building comprises of Hall, library, ICT suite, 2 additional educational needs support rooms and administrative offices. We are also very fortunate to provide space on our school site for a thriving breakfast club, an after school club and a pre school setting.
We also have extensive grounds which lend themselves to a wide range of out door activities.

We are very proud of our school uniform and the children, parents, staff and governors all have a strong part to play in our community.
The school aims were developed with a wide group of community members and are apparent around the school.

Our School aims to

  • Encourage confidence, creativity, pride in achievement and teamwork
  • Nurture partnerships between the school, our children, their families and the local community
  • Help children develop appropriate relationships and effective communication skills in school and the wider world
  • Foster an atmosphere where children show respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty and self-discipline
  • Encourage each child to fulfil his or her potential in all aspects of the curriculum
  • Promote an enjoyment of learning that will last throughout life
  • Encourage children to develop enquiring minds, think for themselves, persevere with tasks and become independent and resourceful
  • Promote active, healthy lifestyles
  • Help our children to appreciate and respect their environment and the wider world
  • Create an environment where children are able to develop morally and spiritual

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